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Jockeys miraculously did not trample the unlucky man and escaped tragedy

At an equestrian competition in New Zealand, a tragic incident almost happened – a man suddenly entered the racetrack in the midst of the Wellington Cup race. The jockeys raced along the highway at a speed of 64 kilometers per hour, and they miraculously managed to avoid a collision with the spectator, which could end tragically. The Sun reports that the troublemaker was arrested by the police and accused of posing a threat to public safety.
“He was lucky not to be shot down. Most of us didn’t see him until recently,” jockey Danielle Johnson commented on the incident.
This incident was filmed and caused an unprecedented stir in the Internet environment. It is not yet known what made the man go to the racetrack and how he got there at all. Later, the troublemaker was arrested by the police and charged with creating a threat to public safety.
The fact that neither the spectator nor the horse nor the jockey were injured in this incident is just a true miracle. Recalling that in December, during the qualifying stage of the race in Hong Kong, an accident occurred as a result of which 3 jockeys were injured and 2 horses died as the result of the horrific fall. The race continued even after this accident, but the winner of the race said that he did not feel the joy of victory.